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Hifz Class Teacher Vacancy

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Vacancy for Hifz Teacher at Madrasah-Al-Farouq

Madrasah Al Farouq has a distinguished history in producing Hifz of the holy Quran. Over the course of time, we have continued to grow this tradition by additional focus of memorisation and excellence in recitation. To provide additional support to our students we are now looking to add a Pre-Hifz class, this class will help students grasp the basic principles on memorisation and improve recitation. This will then build a level of confidence and competence before the students enters the Hifz class proper. To run our Pre-Hifz class, we are seeking an experienced and qualified Qur’an Hifz teacher to join our Madrasah.

The position will involve teaching a group of students who are working towards memorizing the Qur’an while giving tuition in correct recitation and motivating to build the students confidence in their ability. The position will also involve going over key principles of the Islamic faith.

The core contracted hours are 5.15pm – 8.15pm, Monday to Friday.

Applicants should be active in promoting critical thinking, and committed to challenging our students to be knowledgeable, ethical & practicing Muslim citizens. Successful candidates will need to be flexible to changing needs of the Madrasah and will be prepared to take on additional duties or work outside of normal hours if and when needed.

Primary Responsibilities

· Able to adapt the Hifz course plan to each student’s ability and potential.
· Teacher to focus on Qur’an Hifz and Tajweed & be able to work with each student.
· Participate in staff meetings & professional development activities
· Integrate “Tarbiyah” of students such as, social responsibility, kindness & other Islamic teachings / values into daily routines.
· Discuss students' progress & concerns with parents and administrators.
· Maintain appropriate standards of behaviour, mutual respect, & safety within the classroom.

Qualifications/key skills

· Must be a Hafiz-e-Quran
· Ideally the applicant will have experience as a Hifz/Qur’an teacher
· Be an embodiment of Islamic values, to be a positive role model allowing for the nurturing
and mentoring of the children and young adults who attend the Madrasah
· Excellent with the Qur’an in terms of memorization and Tajweed (including Makharij & Sifaat)
· Reliable and dedicated individual
· Sound knowledge of Islamic faith (Fiqh) and practice
· Be able to communicate effectively in English
· Works well in a team

If you are interested In joining or teaching team, please contact the Madrasah office for further information, email or text 07504 520034.

Closing date for application Friday 2nd August 2024.