Sadaqah Al-Fitr 2024/1445

Value of Sadaqah Al-Fitr

Posted By Mf Juned Sarigat

(1) What is Sadaqah Al-Fitr?

Sadaqah Al-Fitr is a specific form of charity that is given to the poor towards the end of Ramadan or before Eid Salah. The Prophet ﷺ prescribed it as purification of the fasting from idle talk and obscenities and as food for the poor (Sunan Abī Dāwūd, 1609). Accordingly, it is important to ensure that your Sadaqah Al-Fitr reaches the poor people by Eid day.

(2) How much is Sadaqah Al-Fitr?

The Sadaqah Al-Fitr prices are based on the prices of certain commodities mentioned in the ahadīth. According to the Hanafī school of thought, the obligation of Sadaqah Al-Fitr can be fulfilled by donating a ½ sa' (1.75 kg) of wheat or one sa' (3.5 kg) of dates, barley or raisins. The amount of these commodities and their retail values are outlined below:

  • Wheat/flour: £4.70/£1.50
  • Barley: £7
  • Raisins: £15
  • Dates (khudri): £20

Please note these retail values for the aforementioned quantities are based on the price of the commodities provided by local supermarkets of Walsall on 17th Shaban 1445/ 27th February 2024.

Accordingly, this document is primarily intended for the people of Walsall. The prices have been rounded off to take into account the slight fluctuation in prices that could occur until the end of Ramadan.

(3) When should I pay it?

Sadaqah Al-Fitr should be discharged ideally after Ramadan has started and before Subh Sadiq (true dawn) on the day of Eid Al-Fitr. Since the purpose is to benefit the poor, it is ideal to pay it before the actual Eid prayer. It is even better to ensure that the funds reach the needy before Eid Al-Fitr in advance for them to make good use of the donations.

Approved by the Imams of Masjid Al Farouq.